About me

I am Sara and I am unique, just like you are.

I was born in Monza, in the “heart” of Brianza, and I lived there for several years.

Now I live in Basel, a beautiful Swiss city overlooking the Rhine, on the border with Germany and France.

I spent most of my life in contact with people due to my parents catering activity.
After my studies, I have also joined the family business, taking care of administrative management and being in contact with customers, always with dedication and passion.

This experience has strengthened my natural skills for interpersonal relationships.
I love being among people, inviting friends at home, organizing parties: the doors of my house are always open!

After the birth of my daughters, I became passionate of personal well-being as a whole.
This comes from an inner need and it’s not limited to myself only, but intended as well-being for the people around me. Therefore, I have started a course which would allow me to fullfil this interest.

Today, this interest has turned into a job.