Image Consultant

Together we can reorganize your wardrobe, finding solutions that enhance your figure, matching colours and textures based on your complexion.
Enhance and strengthen your image, paying attention to fashion but always keeping your own style.

Consultations are also possible online.

S.O.S. Service:
• Outfit consulting for important events: job interview, business dinner, formal dinner, cocktail, wedding, etc.
Together we will select the most suitable outfit for the event based on your needs and your budget.

Style Service:
• Complete personalized consulting
Figure analysis and identification of physical characteristics.
Together we will try to enhance your strengths and balance the proportions.
We will choose new outfits, accessories and shoes, suitable for the new image.
It is also possible to develop the new style by including a new make-up, haircolor and haircut.

Shopping Service:
• Consulting for personalized shopping
We will select together shopping items that will fit you better, enhancing your physical characteristics and your personality.
Together we will buy current items and evergreens, beyond seasonal fashion trends.

Wardrobe Service:
• Wardrobe consulting and creation of outfits and matching accessories
Outfit optimization based body shape and already available clothes.
Wardrobe organization in a practical and functional way: work, free time, etc.
Possible additional shopping to expand the outfits.
(See also Home Organizer section)

Discover your friends colors:
(online service or face to face)

  • Send me some photos: close-ups and full figure.
  • I will ask you some questions to understand your style and your needs.
  • I will select some colours, pain them with your face and then identify your armochromatic season.

Armocromia = Colour analysis. It aims to find the colours that best enhance the combination of skin-eyes-hair, making you look more beautiful and with more relaxed facial features.

I will create a table with the Palette of your “donor colours” and I will send it as pdf file, so that you can keep it with you while shopping.
This service could also be an excellent gift idea for a friend, sister or relatives!

Shopping Service:
I will give you advice on trendy clothes, evergreen garments, beyond any seasonal fashion trends.
(available as)

  • Only Shopping: A special occasion or re-vamping your style? Based on your needs I will guide you through a shopping session and assist you in buying the clothes that most enhance you, taking into account your physical characteristics and your personality.
  • Shopping training: Together we will lay out the foundations for a sound and mindful shopping. After identifying your colour palette, we will discover the garments that best fit your personality and your lifestyle. It’s not only a purchase assistance, but a real coaching experience which will allow you to make targeted and sound purchases, designed exclusively for you and your real needs.


Prices starting from 60 CHF / h – (personalized quotation will be offered for each package)